Hi. Soloflyte here. I started this blog primarily to address questions on the stories I have been writing. As of this writing, one is on Amazon Kindle and three are on the RRL website. They each have their own place in this blog.

Of the three, the archmage series is the most advanced. As this story has its own world mythos, I have begun a post entitled “The Chronicles of Adar”. A series of snapshots from the people who have settled it throughout the millennia.  This is also to resolve the matter of having to address some origin questions which the series couldn’t answer so far because of its presentation of the story from the protagonist’s perspective. Nobody likes spoilers.

From time to time, I will come out with posts on the dramatis personae of the series. The story is quite young and even at the level of Book Two, the main character still fumbles at times. A lot of times actually. But what do you expect from a modern human thrust to a primitive world of blood and gore?  I hope you do enjoy the stories.

On comments. Though I do appreciate lucid and rational discussion while trying to avoid spoilers, like most people, I also have little patience with trolls and inane comments. I do write for the pleasure of it. But when a book gets finished, funny ideas about publishing it run through my mind.

Let’s keep the discussion civilized and fun.



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