Month: October 2017

Notes on Plot Threads

  Hi again. Thought about giving notes on the plot threads in the Archmage series. Almost every major event in the story doesn't happen for no reason at all. If…
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Archmage Notes: a matter of perspective

The story is presented from the perspective of the main character. However, convention is followed by showing his experiences and views from a third party point of view. His thoughts…
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Introduction to BONER the Barbarian: A LitRPG Satire

BONER the Barbarian ONLINE XIII: Level Doofus A LitRPG satire. READY, PLAYER ONE? The best RPG game of the millennium is here! BONER THE BARBARIAN ONLINE XIII! Now with…
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Introduction to Manus Dei

MANUS DEI: Harbinger (Book One of the Khamsa Chronicles) A conflict as old as time. Fought in this world. With the weapons and science of humanity. The time of…
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Imagination sets you free! Maybe.

  Imagination will set you free! Maybe. Or get you lost in some strange world. Or even on this planet. But you definitely will have fun! Of sorts.
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