Month: March 2019

NEW CHAPTERS: Ancient Fangs – Birth (Book 1)

Hi. Four chapter (Chapters 7.0 to 10.0) are now available for Ancient Fangs: Birth (Book 1). The final book is also available on Amazon on pre-order. Thanks for reading. The…
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NEW CHAPTERS: Ancient Fangs (Birth) and Book 6 of The Accidental Archmage Series

Hi. Just informing readers that two new chapters each of the above titles are now posted. Thanks for reading. The Writer.
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New Chapters for ANCIENT FANGS: Birth

Hi. 03/08/19. Just a quick note to tell you that Chapters 3 and 4 of Ancient Fangs: Birth are online. Enjoy. Planar Wars: GATES is due for release tomorrow. Thanks…
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New serialized story online – ANCIENT FANGS: Birth

Hi. Just a note to inform readers that the first 2 chapters of a new story is now online - ANCIENT FANGS: Birth. SYNOPSIS Vampires don’t exist. That’s what Jake…
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Early release of Book 2 (GATES), Planar Wars and Chapter 1.0 of Book 6, The Accidental Archmage

Hi. Book 2 (GATES) of Planar Wars has just been submitted for release on an earlier date, March 9, 2019, instead of March 14, 2019. On another note, Chapter 1.0…
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