About the Writer

A Goodreads Author.
Active Member, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)
Author’s email: emb.iwrite@gmail.com


Fantasy and science fiction have always been my favorites. I grew up with the stories. Especially those from the era of dime novels and genre magazines, the time when both fields were deemed fringe areas of fiction. But those stories spark the imagination and bring a reader to worlds and concepts beyond his reality. Though I have to admit, fact is fast catching up with science fiction.

I write fiction which is anchored on a familiar fact – be it mythology, historical events, existing mythos, or even a physical feature. Something that one knows exists in the real world. It makes immersion in the grand adventure easier and more enjoyable. A book may be an author’s creation, but it doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a common point of reference between the writer’s story and the reader’s experience. Or even between readers.

I started writing as a hobby. On free serialized novel websites. For the pleasure of writing and sharing one’s stories. I was fortunate that other people found them engaging and enjoyable. To my readers, thanks!

There are innumerable worlds out there. Explore, let your imagination fly. Unlike the protagonists in the stories, there is no dark Elder god, a tentacled monstrosity, a stabby assassin, a vampire or ten, or vengeful deity waiting outside your door. Nor will opening a book suck you into a separate dimension. Maybe.

Enjoy the voyage. Have fun.

P.S. I still write on the free websites. But unlike full-length books, readers do have to wait for periodic installments. And I welcome constructive feedback and engage readers in discussions about the mythos as the comments and discussion sections of such serialized stories will show. But I do try to avoid spoilers.