Archmage Notes: a matter of perspective

The story is presented from the perspective of the main character.

However, convention is followed by showing his experiences and views from a third party point of view. His thoughts however are given in the first person (in italics). They are his own personal thoughts anyway.

In the same manner, his discussions with the entity known as Hal are also shown in the same way.  At least until such time the entity gains an autonomous and independent existence.

Using this manner of presenting the character’s story gives the reader the opportunity to make his own conclusions as to the choices made by Tyler in his journey. Our view of the world where he finds himself  is through his eyes. His own observations, views, and opinions in the course of the story are his own and may not be necessarily right. We may disagree with him and at times, find his decisions stupid or short-sighted.

He is human after all.

It does result in a unique reading experience for each and every reader. Which is how it should be.


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