Book IV: Author’s Notes and Introduction


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Author’s Note

Hi. I will be posting installments of Book Four of the Accidental Archmage in the blog. These installments are presently being posted on the RRL website. From now on, they will be posted here before anywhere else. Please note that these installments comprise the FIRST DRAFT of the book. It will still be subject to editing, review, and revisions before publication. A lot of changes will still happen prior to publication in the form of additional dialogue, exposition, and similar writing changes. PRIOR TO SUBMISSION FOR PUBLICATION, THE POSTED INSTALLMENTS WILL BE REMOVED AS REQUIRED UNDER AMAZON KDP GUIDELINES. As always, I am open to constructive dialogue, observations, and comments.

Update 09.24.18 – Hi. The final manuscript had been submitted to Amazon and the release date moved to an earlier one – 29 September 2018. I will be deleting the drafts. After release, the pre-order price will be 4.99 from 3.99. 

Introduction to Book Four

The Void Lands. A place where gods fear to tread. Where strange creatures and hostile beings emerge. A nexus of dimensions, the origins of which are lost in mists of time.

To stop the Aztecha Empire’s march to power and domination of the eastern lands, Tyler West, now a High Mage, must confront and defeat the empire’s mysterious patrons. Beings of incredible might and magical knowledge. An imperative path which leads him right to the Void Lands. A place he earlier mentioned that he would never visit. But fate, as they say, is a jealous mistress. Still, a few detours are required, each dangerous yet crucial.

The only problem is that the Void Lands are on the other side of the continent. And to get there, he may have to ask a favor from the Trickster God himself, the Norse deity known as Loki.