Harbinger: Author’s Notes and Introduction

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Hi. I will be posting installments of MANUS DEI: Harbinger (Book One) in this blog. It is presently on pre-order on Amazon.

However,  I will post what I can to introduce readers to the book. Please bear in mind that –

  1. What will be posted is the first draft of the book. The final manuscript will contain additional dialogue, exposition, and scenes as is usual during the editing and rewriting process. IT WILL BE A DIFFERENT READING EXPERIENCE. But the general plot of the story will be the same.
  3. The book, though centered around a mortal protagonist, is primarily a glimpse of the shadowy world he has entered. Though to his misfortune, he has entered it at a crucial juncture.

I have always made it a point to offer books slated for publication on a free reading basis first. I started writing for my enjoyment and that of others and I don’t intend to change that now.


ADD – Unfortunately, the glossary of terms is at the end of the book. Kindly bear with me. It’s how the book is structured.

ADD – April 8, 2018: As I have mentioned in the main posts, the manuscript has to be taken offline today in preparation for publication. Thanks for reading. If you do get the book, kindly leave a review.

UPDATE – April 26, 2018: Manus Dei Harbinger will be released on Amazon on April 30, 2018. Two weeks earlier than its intended release date (May 11, 2018). FYI


The Apocalypse is near. While Heaven waits, the minions of Hell have started infesting the world. Corrupting humanity and stealing the heavenly spark that connects mankind to God. When the end comes, most of the divine power that exists in every person will belong to the Great Enemy.

It falls to the shoulders of a few good men and women at the side of diminished angels to delay Armageddon. A retrograde action against the forces of darkness.

One of them is Keith A. North, SEAL E-6 on detached service, left for dead in the sandbox. Recruited by the secretive Khamsa, an organization almost as old as recorded history, he learns how to fight against nightmares made real. Limited by rules as old as time.