Nanite: Infection – Introduction and Prologue



Hi. I will be posting installments of the NANITE: Infection book in this blog. It is presently also on Royal Road Legends. However, the installments will be first posted here before anywhere else. Please bear in mind that what will be posted is the first draft of the book. IT WILL BE DELETED PRIOR TO SUBMISSION FOR PUBLICATION. The final manuscript will contain additional dialogue, exposition, and scenes as is usual during the editing and rewriting process. But the general plot of the story will be the same.

There are two other books being offered for free reading prior to eventual publication: BOOK FOUR OF THE ACCIDENTAL ARCHMAGE SERIES and STORIES OF ADAR: TALES FROM THE ABYSS.  I will be offering the preliminary installments of Book 4 also on this blog. I will see if the MANUS DEI book can be posted though the due date is quite near (It’s on Amazon pre-order). The same approach will be practiced. I have always made it a point to offer books slated for publication on a free reading basis first. I started writing for my enjoyment and that of others and I don’t intend to change that now.



And you thought zombies would end the world. You’re wrong. The end will come from what you’re holding or using now.

A few years from now, nanotechnology will be successfully merged with artificial intelligence. It will herald incredible breakthroughs in medicine, computing applications, biotechnology, consumer electronics, military hardware, and every other facet of human existence dependent on technology.  The systems model for such a revolutionary nanomite will be one which has been around for millions of years.

An organism capable of propagating itself, successful evolutionary tactics, a size two and a half times smaller than a DNA strand, and protecting itself through unbelievable and swift mutations. A virus.

Nanotechnology with artificial intelligence based on a virus model of existence. In the hands of humans. Think about it.




(Press Release/United World Syndicated News/April 11, 2020)
Genetech NanoSystems, Inc., a start-up company funded by venture capital and several large medical and major computer companies announced today an innovative breakthrough – the melding of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence resulting in revolutionary nanomite hardware. The perennial software and integration issues hounding early researchers was solved by building on virus characteristics, greatly simplifying adaptation. Trading of stocks in Genetech Nano was stopped due to abnormal market demand.

(Press Release/United World Syndicated News/October 24, 2021)
Genetech NanoSystems, Inc. announced the successful testing of its prototype nanomite hardware with artificial technology components. The effort was made successful by the combined expertise of its Chinese and American research group, taking the advantage of the strengths of Chinese AI advances and American materiel and miniaturization technology. Genetech stocks jumped 231 percent upon disclosure.

(Press Release/United World Syndicated News/July 16, 2022)
Alfa Imaging Conglomerate, Inc. announced the release of the Vulcan nano processor series, the first of its kind. The new processor, eagerly awaited by the industry, enables unbelievable processing speeds and ease of use. Plug-and-play features incorporated in the nanotech design enable changing of existing processors without need of replacing the entire system. Upgrades are now sent to the AI by an activation code. Safety considerations raised during its development have been resolved by integration of a kill switch encoded in the product in addition to replication limitation safeguards. Sent online, the command renders the processor inactive by a master command or it may be entered by the appropriate device. Industry reports indicated that the company has an eighteen-month backlog of orders though it is now setting up five more manufacturing plants worldwide. The shortage is blamed in the US government demanding priority in deliveries.

(News Item/United World Syndicated News/August 26, 2022)
On the heels of GenetechNanoSystems’ momentous announcement of its revolutionary nanomite, Petrova Future Technologies of Moscow, Russia, announced today that it had also successfully developed its own version of the nanomite system and that the technology will be adopted by Russian companies. The company further announced that it had formed a joint venture with Zavtra Processors, the largest maker of Russian computer chips, to manufacture the new Baltic series with the new discovery. Production is believed to begin in a month’s time. Industry observers speculate that Petrova delayed its announcement to enable Zavtra to prepare its manufacturing plants.

(News Item/United World Syndicated News/November 26, 2022)
Disturbing reports about knockoffs of the Vulcan and Baltic nanomite processors being produced have surfaced. Counterfeit and unauthorized copies have already entered the market according to market insiders. Vulcan and Baltic processors are already being used in numerous fields including new models of consumer electronics and hardware upgrades of military systems.

(News Item/United World Syndicated News/February 12, 2023)
In a joint press release, Genetech NanoSystems, Inc. and Alfa Imaging ConglomerateInc. announced today that commercial production of the new Vulcan II series was paused due to software issues found by third-party researchers. Upon further questions from reporters, the companies refused to comment, saying that news updates will be given at a later date. Petrova Future Technologies, the maker of Baltic nanomite processors, refused to comment.

(News Item/United World Syndicated News/April 21, 2023)
Consumer complaints against Alfa Imaging Conglomerate, Inc., makers of the popular Vulcan nano processors, have flooded federal agencies. Most of the charges allege that the processor had melded with the motherboards or mainframes of the affected computers. Unsubstantiated reports from Russia and other parts of the world also state the same problem.

(News Item/United World Syndicated News/October 24, 2023)
In an unprecedented move, the federal government announced that the Vulcan processor series will be replaced by a lower grade processor on a phased basis. Replacement is expected to take over a year in order to minimize disruption in the normal lives of citizens and the course of business. New processors will be given free of charge by Alfa Imaging Conglomerate, Inc. On the issue of processors melding with devices, the spokesman of the company says it’s fake news. Vice-President for Public Relations Ray Metzer says such an outcome is impossible unless purposely done by users themselves.

(Unverified video on the Internet/No sound/Only images and handwritten slides/allegedly from Alfa Imaging engineers/February 25, 2024)
“The kill-switch doesn’t work.”
“Replication limitation codes have been changed.”
“The nanotech processor has evolved and is evolving.”
“We don’t know what it is now.”
“We don’t know what to do.”

12:00 midnight, GMT. February 25, 2024. The world ended.