Chapter 3.0 Explosive Ecstasy

He violently climaxed, grinding his groin against the woman. Jake was a tall and strong person, not as tall as Roger back at the bar, but right now, he towered over the being who gave him such ecstatic pleasure. But despite his blissful state – his orgasm was still continuing – a disbelieving instinct inside Jake kicked his clouded brain, telling him that the woman hadn’t budged from the considerable force of his thrusting hips and asking how the hell did she reach that far into his neck?

She was only as high as his shoulders, and the bite was at his nape. But the continued sexual pleasure was intense, made more erotic by the pain of the considerable sting and the tingling sensation which followed. He was weakening yet his hips continued to frantically rub against the woman’s lower body. His boxers were already wet with cum, and some were ignominiously dribbling down his legs.

The woman abruptly let go of him and turned to look somewhere. Jake slouched to his knees, and the pain of hitting the ground shocked the pleasure out of his mind. A hand reached out to his neck. It came back with a red sticky fluid on his fingers. Sensations came back in flood, and he could feel the punctures oozing with blood.

What the hell is this? he inwardly cursed. Jake looked up. The woman was back, staring at him. But with a different face. It still vaguely looked like her, yet the jaws were grotesquely distended, and her bloodied incisors were very prominent. Her eyes were white. Totally frosted with no irises at all.

“What the fuck are you?” Jake mumbled.

Definitely not your usual one night stand. Not even human, he thought and then inwardly laughed as he remembered what he saw through NVGs on lonely missions. Not even a freaking goat.

He could feel strength returning and his mind becoming clear. A babbling fear rose in him, but his resurrected instincts immediately beat it to nothingness. A hand slowly went to his back.

The terrible face before him went back to its original beautiful features, though marred by traces of red flowing down the chin.

“Why, Jake, don’t you love me? I’m a fuck, as you put it,” said the woman, a sensual mood again rising between them.

He could feel the wetness between his legs, and he was getting hard again. Jake closed his eyes as his questing right hand got hold of the karambit hidden in a sheath. With a wickedly curved three-inch steel blade, the easily concealed melee weapon was perfect for deadly cutting and ripping strokes.

Jake got the exotic knife during an assignment in Indonesia, and though it was an expensive version, the curved blade with a ring at the end of the hand for a holding finger was a masterwork. He even had to endure two days of training and an hour of shamanic mumbo-jumbo before it was finally given to him.

The creature walked closer.

“Stay there, my love. That’s such a kinky position.”

She knelt in front of Jake.

“Now, where were we?” she softly and sexily murmured.

Shit, Jake thought furiously, his eyes still closed. If I don’t act now, I’m good as dead.

The uncontrollable lust was again growing within him, even with his eyes shut. His erection was painfully hard already.

His left hand sprang into action, and grabbed the monstrous creature by the back of her head, pulling it towards Jake. The right brought the karambit right across her throat, horizontally slicing it clear through. Jake immediately opened his eyes, stood up, and shifted to the kneeling woman’s back. With both hands, the knife laying flat against the right palm, he grabbed the sides of the head and forcibly twisted it with all his strength.

As Jake did so, he was surprised to see that despite the deep neck wound, no blood gushed from the neck. He took a few steps back and observed his gory handiwork. The figure was still kneeling, its head grotesquely contorted to the right side. Only the spinal column, some remaining skin and flesh left it connected to the body. He was surprised to see the figure still kneeling – it should have toppled over the moment he let go of the head.

He took several deep breaths, but kept his eyes on the slumped torso. His right hand reflexively shifted the karambit into a backward position, the blade now under the grip, forefinger inside the ring.

Then the body moved. The hands took hold of its head and aligned it back into place. The woman stood up and turned to face him.

“That was very naughty, Jake.” Gone were the sexual and erotic undertones. He could feel fury and hunger in the voice.

Double shit.

“Well, come on, bitch, or whatever you are,” answered Jake as he shifted to a ready stance. He would have attacked, taking advantage of surprise, but this was an enemy he had never encountered before. Jake didn’t know how it moved or attacked. He chose caution over surprise.

The woman’s figure blurred, and a hand violently hit him on the left side of his head. The impact threw Jake sideways.

Now, that was… unexpected. Hope my hearing’s still good, Jake thought as he struggled to cope with the pain. He could feel something flowing down his left ear.

“You like that, my love? Nothing like tenderizing meat before eating it, don’t you agree?”

Jake didn’t reply, though he had gotten up on a knee, head down. His body was drunkenly swaying, but it was on purpose. He wanted to show that he was hurt more than he was and surreptitiously kept an eye on the deadly figure.

Too fast for me. Have to wait until she moves. That telltale blur…

“Oh, Jake. You could have enjoyed such orgasmic bliss. You still would die, of course, but what a way to go!” laughed the woman. Despite what had happened, the sound had an undeniably carnal tone to it. It was way beyond flirtatious. And to Jake’s chagrin, his manhood was reacting.

The shape suddenly blurred. Jake sidestepped as fast as he could. For a second, the woman’s form appeared in front of him, back turned, and then started to fade again. Jake’s left arm reached out and trapped her by the neck as the karambit danced its way through her leg muscles. She immediately fell to her knees.

The curved knife then repeated what it did to her neck before, this time with a deeper cut from the back. The violent twisting of the head followed, and when it was loosely hanging, Jake didn’t let go this time, but gave the ravaged neck a savage kick.

What he intended was to start weakening the cervical bones. These were the lightest and smallest in the spinal column, and he meant to try for the junction between the atlas and the axis sections. The part which gave the head the freedom of rotation.

To his surprise, the bone gave way on his first attempt. The body fell down, and he was left with the head. Jake smashed the head against the concrete wall. Breathing heavily, he looked at the still torso and then the head. They weren’t moving.

“Get back from that, bitch,” he said.

An extremely hot wave abruptly picked him up and flung him backward as a huge explosive sound followed. For a split second, before he blacked out, he saw a massive flame erupting from the bar called Vita Bebe.