DRAFTS: Chapters 9 to 12 of Book V (Accidental Archmage Series) now posted


I hope the new year had been treating you right. If not, don’t despair! Life is an adventure of ups and downs – a rollercoaster actually. As Tyndur said, just because there are clouds in the sky, it doesn’t mean rain is coming.

Posted are the above chapters. More will be forthcoming. Early chapters are now being reviewed and the date of submission to the copy editor had already been scheduled.

The published book will also be dealing with the Lokasenna – the Poetic Edda which portrays Loki at his best, or should it be at his worst?

The next book set for publication is Book 2 (Gates) of Planar Wars. Hopefully, I’ll find the time to write the space adventure trilogy VOID TEMPLAR. It’s hard science and science fiction. Should be fun narrating the adventures of Captain Elric Main.

Enjoy the journey.

The Writer.

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