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I have this failing of not being able to check in with the blog regularly. I agree this may create difficulties with respect to notifications. Especially when I intend to post short stories on this site. Another possible issue might be readers want to privately ask about the world-building and the story (happens). No spoilers will be given :D.

To resolve the above matters, I created the following email for the sole purpose of addressing the above.

Every time something is posted, those on the email list of the above email account will be notified. Your email addresses will be confidential. Create a new one, if don’t feel comfortable. With respect to questions about the books, the characters, and the plots (there’s the main plot, of course), feel free to email me. If you don’t understand any part of the story, don’t hesitate to ask.

I should warn you that I have a vague idea of some aspects which I think will clear themselves up in subsequent arcs. The story and the world-building sometimes take a life of their own and deviate from whatever guidelines I have previously prepared. I guess Picasso was right.

Live life and may the Creator guide you always,

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