Imagination sets you free! Maybe.


Imagination will set you free!


Or get you lost in some strange world.

Or even on this planet.

But you definitely will have fun!

Of sorts.

2 thoughts on “Imagination sets you free! Maybe.

  1. Hi Soloflyte,

    I’ve just recently purchased your kindle book, The Accidental Archmage – Ragnarok Rising, and so far I’m completely engrossed. I do have a bit of a problem viewing the map included (Jorund’s map of Skaney). It’s very small on my kindle reader. I tried downloading kindle to my computer, hoping the map would be larger but that hasn’t helped. Could you possible post the map here on your blog or perhaps email it to me? Either way, I’m so far very pleased with your book and wish you well.

    Best regards,

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