Introduction to The Accidental Archmage Series

  • Immerse yourself in a grand and dangerous adventure. In a world both familiar and strange.
  • A world where magic and gods still exist.
  • Meet deities, beings, and exiles from Earth’s pantheons. Encounter warriors, huskarls, satyrs, hoplites, dark and evil mages, and strange beings from myths of pre-history up to the age of iron. 
  • Match wits with the likes of Loki, Zeus, Athena, Odin, Amun-Ra, Coniraya, Viracocha, and even Dionysus. Escape plots and schemes played by powerful gods of life and death.
  • Find the truth behind the dark and otherworldly beings from the Lovecraft mythos.
  • Play with dire wolves, drakontes, lamias, keres, amphisbaenae, a sphinx, ice giants, creatures of nightmares, empusas, gigas, minotaurs, vrykolakasjotnar, dokkalfr, to name a few.
  • Survive being in the middle of wars between civilizations and races. Suffer the arrogance and stupidity of gods and men alike. Cross paths with beings who don’t like you. Thor, Ares, and the Incan death god Supay, to name three.
  • Be burdened with a quest to save yourself and your humanity in the brutal and primordial world of Adar.
  • A world where scientific pursuit will get you a lightning bolt or two. Probably five. All at the same time.


The Accidental Archmage
Ragnarok Rising

What if you fell through a crack in reality? Like those people disappearing in plain sight you’ve read about.

What if you find yourself in a strangely familiar world? A world full of Earth’s mythological beings, lost civilizations, and people from its primitive and brutal past? Where magical energy still exists. Where gods play games among themselves, with the fate of mortal men as pawns. A land where a sword is deadlier than a five-inch thick contract drawn by a hotshot lawyer. Would you survive?

That’s Tyler West. Alone, lost and bewildered, the three moons in the sky made it clear he wasn’t on Earth anymore. It’s not a game. It’s real. And there’s no coffee, pizza, fries, or his favorite show on HBO.


The Accidental Archmage
Gifts of the Greeks

Tyler’s journey continues. New misadventures, new friends, new foes, new skills, new knowledge. New encounters of the female kind.

More deities become aware of Tyler as he continues his quest to survive, reach his potential, and carry out his burden.

Amid convoluted plans designed by divine acquaintances of old and newly met gods, what’s an ordinary guy from Earth to do?


The Accidental Archmage

Continuing our lost mage’s epic journey through the magical and extremely dangerous world of Adar.

Escaping the convoluted schemes of the Greek pantheon, Tyler finds himself with an old acquaintance, the Incan deity Viracocha.  His son, the sun god Inti, is dead. With the Aztecah Empire and its powerful pantheon of deities on the bloody road to more conquests, the deity asks for his help. A request he could easily refuse.

Except Viracocha is not alone is asking for his aid. Two other pantheons have made their presence known to the young mage. And the Egyptian deities are watching how he will decide the matter. To add to his burdened conscience, the rise and dominance of the Aztecah pantheon would mean a million or more new human sacrifices. Resulting in extremely overpowered bloodthirsty deities.

What’s a newly minted Elder apprentice mage to do? Involve himself in a blood war?


The Accidental Archmage

An epic fantasy on a strange yet familiar world. With a modern twist.

Leaving the bloody Aztecah conflict behind, Tyler pursues a cult of dark Elders responsible for the orgy of blood magic and a war for empire. A chase which leads right into the Void Lands. A vast territory where even deities fear to tread.

Bordered by powerful empires dominated by new pantheons, the First Mage is again faced with the plots and machinations of gods and men alike. To stop the conflict which threatens to engulf the eastern part of Adar, he has no choice but to try to stop the shadowy overlords of the Aztecah Empire.

But to reach the Void Lands, our mage has to deal with Loki. A deity he suspects of having his own grand play for dominance. And Tyler doesn’t know who is worse. The Norse god of mischief or the dark Elders?

Magic, deception, power, plans within plots, mythological beings, and creatures, dark and evil mages, lost lore, devilish artifacts.

And an Aussie gamer in the mix. A level 62 paladin, though.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to The Accidental Archmage Series

  1. Hey, I just picked up the first “Accidental Archmage” book, and I was just wondering why he keeps saying “freak”. It is rather jarring, and just sounds off. Being college age myself, the word could easily be switched with the curse word and seem a lot smoother and more natural. Currently it just seems as if you went and wrote the original word, then replaced every instance with “freak”. I understand it may be because the book is being kept family friendly, I was just tossing my own thoughts in. Thanks for writing such an interesting world!

    1. Hi Sunny. Sorry for the rather lengthy delay. I just checked back on the blog. I wanted to put in the F word which, as you said, is more natural but then I realized how many times that would appear. LOL. Anyway, I decided to make the use of the word “freak” part of his quirks and personality. Avoided it too in Book 2. Book 3, with the increased pressure, now finds him using the F word at times. Probably other “bad” words too as he gets overwhelmed. Books 1 and 2 are walks in the park compared to what’s coming.Thanks for the comment.

      P.S. though if you’re from Australia, I may need to ask you for some advice on language. Book 4 features an Aussie gamer who stumbled on Adar through a portal in the Outback. A more angst-free personality. Paladin Level 62, though. Book 3 upwards will be darker and broader in scope as plots unravel and powerful hidden factions start throwing the kitchen sink at each other.

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