Notes on Plot Threads


Hi again.

Thought about giving notes on the plot threads in the Archmage series. Almost every major event in the story doesn’t happen for no reason at all. If they do, the actions of our protagonist result in consequences. Just like in real life.



There are several plot threads running through the story though we are necessarily constrained by the fact that we perceive Adar and the actions of other characters from the main character’s point of view. His observations and conclusion may not be correct nor accurate. The reader is encouraged to form his own assumptions based on what he had read.

The obvious plot thread is the quest to be Adar’s guardian. Which again may not appear to be as straightforward as it appears. Book One already has our main character thinking about the dots and how they are connected.

Clues about the other plot threads are already in the initial story. And these may conflict with each other. Even Hal, the entity in search of an independent existence, may have its own programmed purposes. No spoilers yet, I hope.

Given the characters, factions, and pantheons involved in the story, I wanted a story that can try to be immersive as much as it can be. Thinking about how events and incidents in the tale are connected to which plot thread could be engaging.

I do hope you have enjoyed or are enjoying the story.

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