The Accidental Archmage Series


  • Immerse yourself in a grand and dangerous adventure. In a world both familiar and strange.
  • A world where magic and gods still exist.
  • Meet deities, beings, and exiles from Earth’s pantheons. Encounter warriors, huskarls, satyrs, hoplites, dark and evil mages, and strange beings from myths of pre-history up to the age of iron. 
  • Match wits with the likes of Loki, Zeus, Athena, Odin, Amun-Ra, Coniraya, Viracocha, and even Dionysus. Escape plots and schemes played by powerful gods of life and death.
  • Find the truth behind the dark and otherworldly beings from the Lovecraft mythos.
  • Play with dire wolves, drakontes, lamias, keres, amphisbaenae, a sphinx, ice giants, creatures of nightmares, empusas, gigas, minotaurs, vrykolakasjotnar, dokkalfr, to name a few.
  • Survive being in the middle of wars between civilizations and races. Suffer the arrogance and stupidity of gods and men alike. Cross paths with beings who don’t like you. Thor, Ares, and the Incan death god Supay, to name three.
  • Be burdened with a quest to save yourself and your humanity in the brutal and primordial world of Adar.
  • A world where scientific pursuit will get you a lightning bolt or two. Probably five. All at the same time.



Coming 2018


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and on Royal Road Legends



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