BABYLONIA: The Sumerians (c. 3000 B.C.)

Excerpts from the writings of Kurum, a minor priest-scribe in the Temple of Enlil:

So it was prophesied and so it was to be.

Revealed it was to the Great Magi Iter-Pisha in the month of Adar during the fifth year of the glorious reign of the Priest-King Amar-Sin, a new land, a magical land, for the faithful.

In the Great Magi’s nightly meditation and prayers before The High God Enlil, came a wind, strong and fresh, into the temple. Blowing through its colored stone alcoves and marbled halls, the tempest weaved its course and whirled its tumultuous way into the prostrate voice of the faithful.

As the Great Magi bowed and abased himself, the words of fate, resounding from the temple halls and boring through his bones, came from the mighty and powerful divine visitor:

Attend! O, faithful Servant!
For We are pleased with thee,
And in Our bliss and generosity
Grant thee and yours, a new land!
For thy use and Ours. Serve us well,
Such is Our pleasure and command.

And so the Great Work began. A world to call our own. Away from the Elamites, the Akkadians, and the barbarians which have so troubled this ancient land of the Gods.