Hi. Book 4 will probably be out first week of August 2018. I haven’t posted it on pre-order basis as I prefer to reach 80% of the draft before offering it on pre-order.

However, Book 4 will be longer than the first three books. It will also have bonus content in the form of a summary of the notes and definitions from books 1 to 3. I believe it’s due and needed. And already quite lengthy. The fantasy realm of Adar is a huge living world and we’ve barely scratched the surface of its mythos.

The summary is called “Chronicles of Adar: A Brief Compendium of Lore (Notes of Lady Asem, Daughter and High Priestess of Thaut).” All previously published maps are included as well as applicable notes/maps from the companion book of the series (Stories of Adar: Tales from the Abyss).



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